Reminder: ANC 7C monthly meeting tonight at 7PM!

Special Monthly Community Meeting

4800 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave NE

July 11, 2013

7-9:30 PM



 1.  Roll Call

2.  Community Concerns and Comments (2 min. each)

            a) Introduction of 4800 Nannie Helen Burroughs from Ms. Linda Fischer

            b) Updates from Commissioners regarding residents’ concerns

            c) Neighborhood quality of life concerns from the community

3.  Updates – Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander’s  Office Representative

4.  Updates – The Mayor’s Office Representative

5.  Sixth District or Other Police Department Updates (Summer Initiatives)

6.  Guest #1 Department General Services Merritt School presentation 6D relocation

7.  Guest #2 DC Building Industry Association Fall Community Service

8.  Guest #3 Maya Angelou PCS input for next year’s Curriculum

9.  Guest #4 A & R Development Capital Gateway Marketplace 

10.  ANC Administrative Business (20 min)

            Vote: Approval/Disapproval Report to ZC for Capital Gateway Marketplace       

            * Approval of past minutes –

                        May 2013, no June meeting

      * Treasurer’s Report:

                        May 2013, June 2013

                        Quarterly Report (Subject to Audit) Vote to approve

                        Reimbursement for Internet Access Vote to approve


 11.  Announcements – Those unable to be added to the Agenda as well as general upcoming

                                         meetings or Community information (2 minutes each)

 12.  Adjournment


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