@OneCityYouth @EOMONE1: DC Free Summer Meals Program and More!


Many kids do not know about this fabulous and completely free program that provides them with breakfast and lunch over the summer months when they are not in school.

Here’s the basic info:

What: DC Free Summer Meals Program (DCFSMP)

Who: DCFSMP serves all children ages 18 and younger who are DC residents

Where: Sites are at DPR centers, libraries, DC Public Schools, charter schools, and houses of worship

When: Breakfast and lunch are the most common meals served. Some sites serve dinner as well.

How: Children and teens can just show up at a site during meal time to receive a FREE meal. People can call 211 to learn more.

To find the sites in your area, look at the attached excel spreadsheet. Note, however, that locations are SUBJECT TO CHANGE so be sure to check One City Youth (http://onecityyouth.dc.gov/page/featured-programs) for the most up to date map.

Besides promoting DC Free Summer Meals, One City Youth also promotes youth-friendly events. Events include but are not limited to festivals, seminars, scholarship and contest deadlines, volunteer opportunities, concerts, and fairs. The four main platforms utilized are the following:

Camp list (http://onecityyouth.dc.gov/page/camps), DPR’s site (http://dpr.dc.gov/), and the DC  Public Library site (http://dclibrary.org/) for additional summer programming information.

If you have any questions, feel free to email Carissa Gilbert at carissa.gilbert@dc.gov or onecityyouth@dc.gov.

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