Running for Re-election as ANC Commission: Here are my accomplishments. @DeanwoodDCA



​I’m running for re-election as the Advisory Neighborhood Council (ANC) Commissioner for 7C07, and I need the community’s support this Tuesday. My first term was a wonderful learning experience, and I accomplished everything I sought out to do and even more. Great strides are being made in the Deanwood neighborhood, and I aim to accomplish even more.

ANC 1st Term Accomplishments:

Worked closely with DCRA to address the vacant homes issue.

  • Drove with DCRA Vacant Building analyst to verify the vacant/blighted list in my SMD.
  • Unsecured homes have been boarded up
  • Empty homes have been properly categorized (vacant vs. blighted)
  • Neglected lawns with Empty Homes have been inspected and resolved
  • Sites of reoccurring illegal dumping are now a highlighted issue for DCRA/DPW/MPD

Worked closely with DPW to address the vacant lots issue

  • Drove with DCRA Inspections supervisor to highlight reoccurring vacant lots used as dump sites in my SMD.
  • Neglected lawns have been inspected and resolved
  • Sites of reoccurring illegal dumping are now a highlighted issue for DCRA/DPW/MPD

Working with MPD to improve community safety & services

  • Sponsored an Emergency Safety meeting after the death of 2 brothers near Antioch Baptist Church
  • Attend all PSA 602 meetings at Kelly Miller MS to report community issues

Worked closely with DPR/DGS/OCTO to address the Deanwood Recreation Center Maintenance issue

  • Installment of “No Smoking” signs around the outside perimeter of the Rec Center
  • Working with site manager on PC repairs in computer lab
  • Ensuring community resources are not co-opted by other agencies like Dept. of Corrections installing a video visitation device in the students study break room.

Worked closely with DGS to address the Ron Brown MS facility maintenance issue

  • Secured parking lot to deter bulk item dumping and illegal vending sales
  • Generated continuous service tickets to ensure lawn maintenance & trash removal after the school was closed

Worked closely with DDOT to address the Roadway/Alleyway issue

  • Reported all unpaved alleyway in my Single Member District for pavement services
  • Generation pothole service request tickets to repave roads

Worked closely with OSSE to support Annual “Let’s Move” Event at Deanwood Recreation Center

Worked closely with DCPS to enhance Houston ES programming & reopening Ron Brown MS

  • Working with Principal Seaward on starting Language Immersion program
  • Requesting updates from DCPS on the re-opening of Ron Brown MS as an Application Based MS; working with city-wide middle school task force on keeping Ron Brown MS as a DCPS school

Worked closely with OCTO to discuss getting more people on the Internet by participating in their Twitter Town Hall

Held Treasurer Position on my 1st year as ANC Commissioner

  • Decreased monthly expenses
  • Created FY14 budget to reintroduce community grants in the budget
  • Addressed previous administration’s tax issues

Improved Neighborhood communication

  • Established a website to share citywide news and events to my residents (
  • Utilize Twitter (@antawanholmes) to broadcast meetings and dispense information
  • Built an e-mail distribution list to broadcast information
  • Attend all Deanwood Citizens Association (DCA) to share ANC news and my notes from other Agency meetings and obtain community feedback

Antawan Holmes

ANC Commissioner SMD-7C07

m: 202-556-0962

o: 202-398-5100


twitter: @antawanholmes

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