.@ANC7C monthly meeting | Feb. 12, 2015 at 7PM


Attached is the Feb. agenda for ANC7C meeting:

7:00PM          Call to Order & Introduction of Commissioners and Staff

7:05PM          ANC Administrative business

Approval of Past Minutes – January 8, 2015

Approval of Calendar for ANC Executive/General meetings in 2015

Vote to approve FY-2015 ANC Budget

Treasurer’s Report

Letter of Support for Arcadia Food Truck (5 min)


Letter of Support for Pearl Coalition (5 min)

7:30PM          MPD Representative

7:40PM          Mayor’s Representative

7:50PM          1st Guest – CM Alexander to discuss FY15 legislation agenda

8:20PM          2nd Guest – Clayton Lang Jr. to discuss Artwork at Marvin Gaye Park

8:40PM          Community Announcements

9:00 PM         Adjournment