About Deanwood News

This site is an information resource related to all things Deanwood, a Washington, DC neighborhood. Its purpose is to keep the community abreast of events and happenings that directly impact us.

2 thoughts on “About Deanwood News

  1. My Mom’s family grew up on 5oth Street. My brother and I attended the Carver Elementary School and was transferred to Charles H. Houston when it was opened. My Mom also attended Carver but it was called Deanwood. So my family have alot history with Deanwood.

  2. Hello! I’m Rachel Woods, volunteer coordinator for Reading Partners, a nonprofit that connects children who are behind grade level in reading with community volunteers who help them improve their skills and confidence. One of our school sites is Drew Elementary, located at 5600 Eads St NE, in a neighborhood adjacent to Deanwood. I’d love to talk to you about ways to help get more folks involved, or have you post something about volunteering! Please feel free to give me a call at (202) 701-9110 or email me at rachel.woods@readingpartners.org. Thank you!

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